Tuesday, August 30, 2011

P90X2!!! Is HERE!

BREAKING NEWS: If you want to have P90X2 by

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beachbody Will Change Your Life!

Healthiest Meal of the Day!

Go NUTS!!!!

 NUTS!!!!... They are soooooo, sooooo good for you! I should end it there, because really that's the point. BUT, I'll break it down for you, because I would like for this entry to be educational and for my followers to really understand a nuts nutritional value. Why, How and What exactly they do for the body. I want to explain that YES they are higher in FAT, but if you've read one of my prior blog entries about good fats vs. bad fats you will understand that it's better to eat good fats, because they help the body function rather than create complications for the body like saturated fats. 

 Just so you know that I'm not feeding you a ton of BS... Epidemiology studies: the study of health and illness throughout the population used to gather facts from analysis that help to determine risk factors of evidence based medicine, to determine optimal treatments, improve clinical treatments, and preventive medicine... this is where I get my info from, because I've read up on them. I love my body, I love my life and I'm grateful to God that I'm so blessed to have it. This is how I show my gratitude for life by being knowledgeable about food and health so I may treat my body well. I feel by sharing my knowledge I'm able to pay it forward and help YOU do the same.

Scientists of Etymology have found through research those who consume Nuts regularly are less likely of Coronary Heart Disease, because of the Omega 3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids found in Almonds or Walnuts are good for lowering your cholesterol levels. Low-density lipoproteins,  LDL, is known as the Bad Cholesterol particles or fatty proteins. Before I go any further...This is NOT an essential fatty acid. These lovely cells, non-essential fats, assist in the progression of Athersclerosis: a condition where artery walls thicken due to the build-up of fatty materials caused by bad cholesterol = LDL. This is something we ingest, because our bodies do NOT produce LDL's. We end up putting them into our bodies by eating foods consisting of saturated fats. But WAIT!!! It's not too late, because We can reverse this process. YAY!!!! HOW?! By keeping our bodies well hydrated with the one and only H2O, eating fruits and veggies, and NUTS consumed of essential fatty acids = Omega fats (3,6,9's). These LOWER the build-up of bad cholesterol and will help with losing weight or keeping you lean. 

I repeat! By Eating Nuts is a natural form of prevention of certain health risks because Omega fats reduce the build up of bad cholesterol. By eating natural foods that consist of Omega fats can do two things; lower the Bad Cholesterol LDL, and raise the Good Cholesterol HDLs (High Density Lipoproteins). I'm pressing this point because I want it to be engraved in your thought process the next time you reach for a cookie, or drink a soda; when you could be snacking on a delicious handful of almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, or pistachios. YUM!!! Not only do they help with prevention of cardio vascular disease, but Nuts are a great food source for those who are diabetic. 

Diabetics are sensitive when it comes to keeping their insulin levels maintained. Insulin, a pancreas produced hormone, becomes less effective in its ability lowering blood sugars. The fat and muscle cells in your body require insulin to absorb glucose. Glucose levels then rise, because the bodies ability to circulate insulin isn't accurate. This intricate cycle that occurs in the body results in creating a lot of problems. Most diabetics are Obese, because this crashes the bodies metabolism, so it's easier for those who have diabetes to gain bad weight = FAT. But there is a cure for Diabetes... it's called exercise and a really healthy delicious eating plan that consists of low fat and no junk full of SUGAR! Sugar, It is your worst enemy and will kill you. It might not happen right away, but it will get you in the end. That may be harsh, but it's the truth. No candy coating here and that's not a pun on words.

OK! So what does a NUT have to do with Diabetes. It's a great nutritional source that has a very low GLYCEMIC index. Woo-hoo! Something naturally delicious, unlike Lucky Charms (which is consumed of high-fructose corn syrup... don't even get me started on that one). Also, studies show that those who tend to eat nuts, eat less junk food and live 2 to 3 years longer than those who do! Life is short, but if you're living with diabetes life is even shorter. If you want to be around longer then I suggest get rid of the junk and replace it with a fruit fit for a king... NUTS. Did I say, Fruit?! Yup. It's a fruit or natures candy is what I like to call it.

There are other benefits that come with eating nuts such as: Vitamin E which is good for hair and skin. B2 which is great source of energy. Riboflavin helps to cleanse the body since it's an antioxidant. Protein and it's LEAN which helps with muscle production, energy, brain, hair, skin. Folate and Fiber which helps to keep you regular and "Boy!" Making things easier for your kidneys to process all the stuff we put in our bodies is a good thing. Backing up the tubes isn't fun for anybody and then we're talking about a ton of other serious problems. Essential minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and selenium.

Do some research on your own. Learn about your body, because it's your vessel to live and experience life, it's the only one you have, and if it's out of shape and falling apart life will be short and miserable for most... life can still be enjoyed with complications, but not entirely the way it is meant to be. Take care of yourself, because you are worth it!

Eating nuts also makes you Smarter. Happy Brain, Happy Body, Happy Life.

If you don't like nuts you can get all of these natural and wonderful healthy fats, essential minerals, and vitamins into your body through something I absolutely enjoy myself. It's called Shakeology. This link will bring you to my beachbody website. I recommend watching this video. http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/jeneralrose?bctid=637719395001

Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting Out of Trouble By Way of Beachbody. Why Beachbody; What It's Doing For Me; and Could Be For You!

   I was in a really dark time dealing with a situation that if asked; any of the friends I grew up with and still know today would say, JENNIFER?! NO WAY! I was far to good growing up for anyone to see that I would ever get caught up in the law, but I did; sadly to say. It's just so common these days to get a DUI. "It's like a right of passage.", I remember it being mentioned in one of the alcohol classes I had taken that was required by the State. I don't believe this in anyway, but I do know that most people, especially men I mention this to, happen to have one. I didn't get a DUI tho... I got a DWAI. (In the State of Colorado, which is a no tolerance State, means that your BAC is of a .05 or Higher. Legal limit is a BAC of .08 or higher. My blood test came back as a BAC of .057. The equivalent of ONE DRINK! It's been 3 years and I'm still on probation. I have a month left, but it will be on my record for the rest of my life.)
   I'm not a big drinker or party goer and if I go to a party it's never for the Alcohol. I care more to be social, having a good time joking around with friends and creating memorable ridiculous moments rather than getting intoxicated. Although; going back to a time when all was not so happy, sitting in a rather small cold room with an ankle monitor wrapped around the bottom of my left limb, watching all of my friends go out into the world living their successful and prosperous lives, I'm stuck wondering what am I going to do now. Thinking poor me, upset at myself for letting my life come to this. No one wanted to hire me because I had an ankle monitor. If I applied for a job and told them openly and honestly about my situation they had to go through HR in order to get approval to hire me, which then I never heard back from them. This was frustrating for me, because never in my life have I EVER had trouble landing a job. I couldn't come and go out of the house as I wanted to. I was allowed a schedule and if I violated my schedule and didn't log every place I was up to the last second I would get into more trouble being on house arrest. The economy sucks, my current situation sucked, and I needed to find a way to make a living. 
   One day somewhere within all this a really good friend called me up. Julia strikes up a conversation with me asking me how I was doing with everything. We have a little heart to heart about my current situation and she says, "I might be able to help you out." She tells me about Beachbody and all it has to offer and then invites me out to her place to learn more about the company. When I got my ankle monitor off I went to see her.  

This is what I learned when I went to see her. Just watch the video and see for yourself.

    For those of you who don't know about Beachbody it's a multi-million dollar company based in California that is all about health and fitness. They specialize in home video programs like P90X, Insanity, Slim'N'6, and the latest and greatest Turbo Fire plus many more.

Yet, it's not just about fitness it's about nutrition, Shakeology and many other products, and providing as much support anyone could possibly need to be successful with fitness. Recently the American Diabetes Association has signed on with Beachbody. That's also why I've posted a Donation link to the American Diabetic Association on my page. If you can please donate! I do my part every time I make a purchase through Beachbody, when I purchase my Shakeology every month. Just a little side note, but back to the original story.

    Now, Julia and I, while we were classmates at the University of Northern Colorado, we were serious about our health and overall fitness. There was a particular group of us that would show up every day to the campus Rec and literally go balls to the wall for Kick-boxing, Abs,  Bosu, and Step Aerobics. We were workout buddies and that's why she thought of me. Beachbody couldn't have been presented to me at a better time, because I was literally stuck in one place with a ton of time on my hands. I couldn't go anywhere, so why not use the time to build my own personal business through fitness. I had the potential to pull in income without having to travel to work and I'M my own boss. I didn't have to wait for HR or for someone else to make a choice about MY FUTURE. It was up to me to make money or not and who knew what was to be of the economy by the time it was taken off of my ankle monitor. (I was sentenced to 30 days. I'm very fortunate.) For all I know the economy could be far worse and as much as it is maintaining now... it's really not getting any better. Also note that I only had $500.00 dollars in the bank.
    I have lots of friends and family getting laid off or losing their jobs left and right. I don't have to worry about that anymore, because I'm an Independent Beachbody Coach. I make a living helping others and myself to live healthier, happier, more full-filling lives. I will never be out of work, I will never have to worry about losing my job tomorrow, as a private business owner I get the benefit of claiming a lot of what I do on my taxes, and I get to help others learn as I learn how to do it too. I get paid to live a healthy lifestyle, which is my absolute favorite part! I used to say, "Wouldn't it be great if I could get paid to hang out in the Gym all day and just workout." Well, now I do, but instead of hanging out at the gym... I hang out at my home, or with my friends, or get to spend more quality time with my family. Who doesn't want that?! I don't have to spend a ton of money on travel, which saves me on the price of gas, and if I travel anywhere for the purpose of business... I get to claim that! I'm on my way to financial freedom, which I never thought possible until now. 
   When I had that ankle monitor on my ankle it was hard to look past my failure and see a healthy bright future, but that's all changed now, because I took a stand and I want to make a difference and fight the good fight. I'm a Musical Theater Major from UNC and I have a certification from the Ohio Center of Broadcasting for Radio/ TV. I'm still unable to drive at this point because the State took away my Driver's License, so those dreams have been put on hold. Although; after facing all this adversity with the legal system, knowing that I can run my own business and still provide for myself... those dreams are still possible to come true. Nothing is going to stop me from being the best possible person for myself than ME!  Which goes the same for YOU! The only one stopping YOU from living the best possible life imagined for yourself... Is YOU! 
     Beachbody has helped me to see this. You may be looking for something to help you and your current situation. I'm not saying that Beachbody is the answer for you, but it might just be. Whether fitness is your concern, losing weight, or maybe going into business for yourself it is possible. I not only went in to business for myself with Beachbody to help me... I did it because I truly want to help other people find their own way too. If you are at all interested in knowing more about Beachbody, need help with your personal fitness goals, or want help with nutrition please reach out to me. I have all the tools and a lot of ways to gain the knowledge necessary for you to be successful. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

My workout!

This is MY new workout! It's taken the place of P90X, which is what I used to do every day. Now it's all about Turbo Fire. It's a series of 12 discs that pushes your body and mind to do more by giving it the variety it needs to keep you wanting more, push past your personal platues in order to reach success and HIIT it! It's so fun and it gets the job done. Who said hard work couldn't be fun? This is my life!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Healthy Fats vs Unhealthy Fats

Did you know that we need FAT in order to burn FAT?! Did you know this? I remember when I discovered this my jaw dropped to the floor. I was avoiding certain foods for a long time, because I thought that I was going to gain weight by eating them. When in fact by adding them to my diet it enhanced my bodies metabolism, which changed a lot of things. BUT! Here is the most important thing to know... there are two kinds of fats. You need to understand the difference between GOOD FATS and BAD FATS! No worries, because I'm going to share what I've learned with you. 

Olive Oil
Natural Peanut Butter

Canola Oil


Green and Black Olives
 Now, do note that even though you are permitted to eat these lovely, delicious, pure foods, especially when made with NATURAL ingredients (Cheese, Peanut Butter low in Sugar and Fat) it is only effective and healthy when combined in a balanced diet. If all you did were to eat these items and these items alone... well, you would most likely be overweight, because these items; after all, are highly concentrated in FAT! But, these GOOD fats are essential to your bodily functions. What is it that makes this so? These items have essential amino fatty acids (3's, 6's and 9's) in them, which are different in comparison to SATURATED FATS!(bleckh!) SATURATED FATS are BAD! Saturated fats clog your arteries, are harder for your body to breakdown and digest, so overtime the stuff compounds and if you're not doing other things like eating fruits, veggies, staying hydrated with the one and only H20, and working out... You'll regretfully end up somewhere that you could have prevented, cardiac arrest. HEART ATTACK! That's just one of the many downfalls of consuming too much saturated fatty foods over time.

Essential, think about that for a second. Essential by definition means absolutely necessary; extremely important. In the dictionary in terms of Biochemistry • Biochemistry (of an amino acid or fatty acidrequired for normal growth but notsynthesized in the body and therefore necessary in the diet. NOT Synthesized! Our bodies don't create these fatty acids on their own, which is extremely important to include these fatty amino acids, otherwise known as Omega 3, 6, and 9's,  into your daily diet. Why? What do they do for our bodies? 

These essential fats must be consumed because we can't get them into our bodies any other way AND they help with the functioning and development of our brain! You know that BIG organ in our heads that helps us process thought, motor skills, chemical development otherwise understood as hormonal communication = that is, hormones are the natural chemicals produced by the body along with our natural energy transmitted throughout our body to tell it what to do! To reproduce new cells for growing hair, muscular function, new cells to heal, protect and attack foreign invaders to keep us from getting sick, or when we fall down and break something. These essential fatty acids help to keep us SMART! We all want that, right? So, why would we not include these items in our daily diet? 

Now, the above have one or more of the Omega Fats, but not all three. In order to get a little of all of the fatty acids; we need to consume other sources of foods to get those Omega 9's. Which these do tend to be high in fat, but remember these are GOOD fats. You can consume more of the following items than you can items high in Saturated fats (bleckh!) like Red Meats and Junk Food! 




After all this writing I'm going to introduce something to all of you reading my blog. I'm extremely passionate about this wonderful product called Shakeology. 

Watch the video link...

Everything you need in ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS and so much more. Delicious, Easy, and a Quick way to get your Multi-vitamin, Probiotics (improves digestion), Great Source of Essential Proteins, Essential Bacteria (builds strong immune system and digestive track). This is great for the majority of us in America, because time for most of us is an issue. Above is a Quick Video link to inform you WHY, WHAT and EVERYTHING you need to know about this Fantastic Product. I eat all of the above items, but Shakeology is by far my favorite natural source of everything my body needs to get through the day. It's my way of taking responsibility for my own personal health. I'm sharing this with you, because I care about your health and want you to care about YOU too. 

Let me know if you would like to know more about this Fantastic product and how to go about getting it for yourself? You can contact me via, twitter, facebook or my web-site www.beachbodycoach.com/jeneralrose  or e-mail me indejo@msn.com

To be continued: I'll write about the above foods to tell you which essential amino acids are in each food item above and what they specifically do for your body! I'll also give you examples of Unhealthy fats!